121 crore Shiba Inu tokens turned to ashes in 7 days, know the latest burn rate

Over 121 crore Shiba Inu tokens have reportedly been burned in the last seven days. Coming to the exact number, more than 1,214,431,010 SHIB tokens have been burned through 121 transactions in a week. This is a 100% increase from the number of tokens burned in the week before that. This shows that the Shiba Inu community is taking burning extremely seriously and is continuing to carry out burnings with the expectation that the price of the token will increase in the times to come.

Shibburn, a platform that tracks Shiba Inu burning activity, has informed through a tweet that 1,214,431,010 tokens of SHIB have been burned in the last one week. 121 transactions have been used for this burning. This is an average of 10 million tokens burned per transaction.

The same platform reported on August 21 that the Shiba Inu community had burned 542 million (54.2 million) SHIB tokens within a week. These tokens were sent to the dead wallet.

A recent report by WhaleStats reported that the 10 most bought tokens by the top 500 ETH whales have returned SHIB. Recently there was a lot of selling of SHIB to make profit. Due to this there was also a big drop in the price of this mim coin. Whales has increased repurchases in SHIB at lower prices. Influencer and former US Congressional candidate David Gokhshtein tweeted that he expects another stir at Shiba Inu soon. However, before that he said that it can reach $ 0.001 but it is not expected to go to a dollar.

However, there has been a decline in the activity of burning SHIB tokens in the last 24 hours. According to the platform, the burning of Shiba Inu tokens has seen a drop of around 24% in the last 24 hours.

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