17.4 million Shiba Inu tokens destroyed, 40% burn rate

The process of burning a large number of Shiba Inu tokens does not seem to stop. According to the platform that tracks the burning activity of this token, the SHIB burn rate has also crossed the 200% mark. Shiba Inu holders have burned 174 million tokens in the last 24 hours. One of the reasons for the tremendous increase in the burning process is attributed to the foundation’s announcement of the issuance of a crypto card last Monday.

Shibburn informed through a tweet on Tuesday morning that in the last 24 hours, more than 174 million tokens of Shib Inu have been burnt. Talking about the exact number, a total of 174,765,213 MIME tokens have been burned during this period. These tokens have been burned through a total of 15 transactions.

This is not the first time that such a large number of SHIB tokens have been burnt. On Monday, the same platform reported that 87,574,132 SHIB tokens were burnt within 24 hours and 12 transactions were done for this. Earlier 12,738,009, 18,875,469 and 30,614,624 SHIB tokens were burnt respectively.

Earlier, the Shib Burn Twitter account made an announcement on July 25 about the upcoming SHIB Burn Visa Card, which is going to burn a small amount of tokens every time a user makes a payment.

While Shiba Inu coins are being sent to the debt wallet, the number of users holding it is increasing. As per reports, the number of Shiba Inu holders has crossed the level of 1,210,000.

According to Shibburn’s website, at the time of writing, a total of 410,374,813,799,919 SHIB tokens had been burned. Presently around 558,066,858,034,368 SHIBs are in circulation.

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