200 crore Dogecoin transferred in 24 hours, you will be stunned to know the price

Dogecoin is being transferred in large amounts to several unknown wallets. Often whale accounts transfer millions or even hundreds of millions of crypto tokens from wallet to wallet, but a platform that tracks Dogecoin transactions has reported that within 24 hours of just a few transactions, around 200 million DOGE The tokens have been transferred to several unknown wallets, which are worth billions.

DogeWhaleAlert informed through several tweets between Monday and Tuesday that within 24 hours, about 200 million Dogecoins have been transferred to various unknown wallets through multiple transactions. On Monday, June 27, there were three big transactions, in which two transactions at different times had transferred 10 crores and more than 80 crores Dogecoin, which is worth about Rs 495 crores as of today.

Another major transaction took place on the same day, in which 80 crore dogecoins were transferred, which is worth around Rs 440 crore as of today.

Subsequently, on Tuesday, 28 June also 294,499,984 DOGE were transferred to an unknown wallet through a single transaction in one wallet. At the time of writing the news, the value of this much dodgecoin was around Rs 162 crore.

Altogether, within 24 hours, around 200 crore Dogecoins were transferred through multiple transactions to several unknown wallets, which are worth around Rs 1,097 crore as of today.

An earlier one from @DogeWhaleAlert Tweet As of now, the popular investment app Robinhood has a staggering amount of Dogecoin. In terms of exact numbers, the platform currently holds 40,438,384,662 MIME coins. Its value in today’s time is about 22 thousand crores. This accounts for 30.48% of the total circulating supply of cryptocurrency.

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