Big transaction in Shiba Inu, whale buys 100 billion tokens

A whale from Shiba Inu, one of the popular memecoins, has bought 100 billion tokens. The purchase took place on a centralized crypto exchange and these tokens were transferred to a cold wallet. The purchase comes after the recent launch of the Mimecoin-linked Shiba Eternity game.

According to data from Etherscan, whales have purchased one billion Shiba Inu tokens worth approximately $1.1 million on the Kucoin exchange. The purchase of new investors has increased in this meme coin. The big reason for this is the Shiba Eternity game launched last week. This game has been released on both iOS and Android. It is being downloaded in large numbers and has reached the top 20 on the App Store. Its downloads on the Google Play Store exceed 10,000 in some regions. The number of Shiba Inu holders has grown by over 2,000 since the game’s launch. It is around 21,93,520.

The team at Shiba Eternity has announced a competition for its community to create trailers for the game. The trailer of the winners will be shown on the App Store and Google Play Store. Its team has tweeted that the winners will get SHIB of up to $5,000. This meme coin was started about two years ago by an unknown person or group named Ryoshi as an alternative to Dogecoin.

Ryoshi’s true identity has been unknown since the beginning of Shiba Inu. His Twitter handle @RyoshiResearch used to be active, but a few months ago all the tweets from this handle were deleted. Ryoshi has been saying in advance that he will disappear one day. He writes on his blog Medium and he wrote in a blog, “I have said from the beginning, I am nobody, I am not important. Even if successful, the effort to expose my identity will be overwhelming. I’m just one person with no result of tapping on a keyboard and I can be changed. I’m Ryoshi.”

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