Bitcoin Supporter Mike Alfred Wants 10 Million Tokens Of His Crypto Holding To Share!

Crypto investor and BTC supporter Mike Alfred is once again in the limelight. A post on his social media remains a topic of discussion in the crypto world. Actually, Mike made a tweet regarding Cardano which has shocked everyone. Mike wrote in a post from his Twitter handle that he had bought 10 million ADA (Cardano) tokens in 2018. Now he wants to distribute those tokens to someone.

Mike Alfred wrote in his Twitter post, “In 2018 I bought 10,000,000 Cardano tokens and later I completely forgot about them. I found these tokens today while auditing my crypto holdings.” Mike surprised everyone by saying that he now wants to distribute these tokens to someone. However, Twitter users also took a jibe at this post. Users raised questions that how can anyone forget such a huge holding.

Bitcoin fan Mike often talks about bitcoin, without leaving any stone unturned to lash out at Ethereum, Solana, and even Cardano. Mike has been praising bitcoin since its inception. According to analytic platform Pool Tool, 40% of Cardano stake pool operators have updated their nodes.

According to Pool Tool, stake operators have updated the nodes to version 1.35.3. For Vasil to be implemented, 75% of the nodes must be in the latest version. On 23 August, another milestone was achieved in Vasil testing when the Hard Fork Combinator was invoked on YoloNet. Cardano YoloNet is a new public test net launched by IOG on August 19th. Cardano price is currently on an upward trend. At the time of writing this news, it was appearing in green color in the crypto price chart and its price remained at Rs 37.20.

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