Crypto Scam: In Online Romance, Americans Lost Rs 15 Billion Within 3 Months!

Online fraud is out of date in the internet world. We are getting to see a lot of media reports about online fraud every day. Now this worm of scam has also hit the crypto industry and has eaten millions of dollars worth of assets from crypto accounts of millions of people in America. According to a recent report, romance scams are taking hold in America. It is similar to the news of honey trap coming from Facebook or other social media platforms. Now people’s cryptocurrency is being robbed in America through romance scams.

In this regard, a report published by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says that people in the US have lost $185 million (about Rs 15 billion) in romance scams. You will be surprised to know that this figure is only for the first quarter of 2022. Fraudsters have now found a new way of romance scam. The report said that about 46,000 US citizens lost $1 billion (about Rs 79 billion) in romance scams in 2021.

BanklessTimes has analyzed that out of all the crypto scams happening in the world, romance scam has now become the second most common scam. Bankless Times CEO Jonathan Marie said that it is very easy to get people caught up in matters of the heart, where they are easily deceived and easy prey to lose money for love. The fraudsters advise the victim to invest in cryptocurrencies after trapping them. And by this time his victim starts trusting the fraudster so much that he readily accepts his advice.

The report says that young people are more involved in crypto scams. Its statistics show that most of the people caught in crypto romance scams are in the age group of 20 to 40 years. Financial content specialist Elizabeth Carr said that those around the age of 30 are the most vulnerable. They account for 35% of the people who are harmed. At the same time, people around the age of 70 lose about 12 thousand dollars (about 10 lakh rupees) in such scams. The report also says that Americans are not the only victims of romance scams. The most common scam is investment scam. In 2021, the FTC lost about $575 million in complaints from people about this type of scam.

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