Customers in the US can now buy Dogecoin from grocery stores

Customers can now also buy Dogecoin at grocery stores in the US. Earlier this feature was available only for Bitcoin but now many more cryptocurrencies have been added to it, of which Dogecoin is also one. This feature has been made available in Coinstar’s large green kiosk where customers can buy multiple cryptocurrencies or digital tokens, including Dodgecoin, in exchange for money.

The company started it 4 years ago. For which Coinstar partnered with Coinme crypto exchange. The Fortune report states that under this feature, shoppers can convert their cash into cryptocurrency at grocery stores or even trade crypto for cash. This also includes tokens such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, Chainlink, Litecoin, Lumens and Polygon.

Buyers need to create their own Coinme account to use this feature. After which they will be able to get a crypto voucher in exchange for cash on the Coinstar machine. For this the machine charges a fee of 4%. However, it turns out to be an expensive way to buy cryptocurrencies. The price the token will get in exchange for cash will also depend on the current market situation as the price of other popular digital coins like bitcoin is very volatile and fluctuates.

To avail this service, the customer has to get his Coinme account verified. For this, the user can give his driving license or present any other document. As part of the program, Walmart secretly installed 200 Coinstar machines in its stores in October. Coinstar has more than 9 thousand machines in various stores in the US, including the participation of the Coinme crypto exchange. Coinstar CEO Jim Gehrity said that customers were asking for more coins to be included in the feature besides bitcoin.

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