Doge NFT gets support for Web3 profile maker Degenscore

Web3 profile creation platform Degenscore has announced support for Doge NFT. Degenscore is a popular platform that provides services related to on-chain resume creation. You can create your own Web3 profile on the platform, which makes you an identity in Web3. You can track your activity on various types of decentralized finance projects running on the platform.

by Degenscore Announcement It has been said that now Doge NFT fans can earn points on Degenscore. In June an NFT was sold for $4 million. This NFT was based on the 2010 Doge meme. It was created by Atsuko Sato. This was the same Japanese teacher whose Shiba Inu dog was made on the lines of Kabosu, the world’s most expensive meme. A few months later, PleasrDAO began selling part of its ownership through the platform. These fractional tokens are called DOGs.

Selling a fraction of an NFT gives even ordinary buyers an opportunity to be a part of expensive NFTs, which they may not be able to buy in any other way. This gives a wider reach to the entire sector. The owner of this art piece deposits it into the wallet of a certain platform, which gives access to the issuance of fungible ERC-20 tokens. After purchasing DOG tokens, users can also create a stake of their own in this NFT. Even the holders can give their views in decision making.

Currently PleasrDAO is the largest owner of this NFT. It controls 49% of the token supply. There are 200 wallets with over 1 million DOG tokens. More than 10 thousand users have already invested in Dogecoin NFT.

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