Dogecoin has a new software update, the network will be better

Dogecoin has a new update. The developers have released a new version of the Dogecoin Core software. The developer has announced that the core software of DodgeCoin has been updated. The Dodgecoin network will see many improvements after the new update.

Dogecoin developer Patrick Lodder on Thursday announced a core software update for Dogecoin. According to a Twitter post from Dogecoin, the new version 1.14.6 of the core software in Dogecoin has been released. After this update, the network capacity will get better. Apart from this, new security updates can also be brought now. The developer has instructed all users to update to the new version of the software.

As per the upgrade, the recommended dust limit has been reduced from 1 DOGE to 0.01 DOGE. Earlier, version 1.14.5 of Dodgecoin Core software was released at the end of 2021. Dodgecoin transaction fees have since been reduced. Dodgecoin supporter Elon Musk also posted on Twitter about the new upgrade. He wrote in the tweet- “Upgrades!” Elon Musk had previously recommended scalping Dodgecoin. He asked to increase its block size and reduce transaction fees so that Dogecoin transactions can be done easily for everyday use like buying movie tickets etc.

There is also good news from Binance for Dodgecoin users that the Binance cryptocurrency exchange has announced a rewards program for them. Binance has launched a series of locked stake activities through which users can earn up to 10% APY by depositing Dogecoin. The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the return on a deposited cryptocurrency over a specified period of time. Apart from this, Binance has also announced new incentives for new users signing up to Binance Savings. Users can still earn double APY profits with Dogecoin even if users do not switch to the exchange’s savings products until the rewards program is over.

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