Dogecoin worth Rs 1,470 cr transferred to unknown wallet, impact of Elon Musk’s Twitter deal?

The interest of crypto whales on Dogecoin seems to be rekindled, as recently around 300 million DOGE tokens were transferred by unknown whales through 90 transactions. This may be due to the recent re-interest in buying Twitter by Elon Musk. Elon Musk is considered to be the biggest supporter of Dodgecoin.

Dogecoin whale activity tracking platform Doge Whale Alert informed via tweet that several unknown whales transferred a total of 2,768,293,846 Dogecoin in bundles of 4 million DOGE. About 90 transactions were done for this transfer. Whales paid a nominal fee of 142 DOGE for these transactions, which was valued at around $9 (approximately Rs 740).

According to the tweet, this transaction took place last week, at which time the total number of Dogecoin was valued at $178,431,428 (approximately Rs 1,470 crore). As we mentioned, for this total transaction, whales had to pay a fee of only $9.

Let us tell you that recently Elon Musk tried to pull his hand out of Twitter’s deal some time ago. Before the start of the court case related to this, Elon Musk has offered to take Twitter for the earlier deal price. Musk’s potential leadership on the social media site has raised concerns among activists who fear Musk’s arrival could lead to derogatory and misinformed posts on Twitter.

Not only this, in addition, a legal case of $258 billion has been filed against the chairman of electric car maker Tesla for promoting a pyramid scheme of Dogecoin. The matter is being investigated. Musk’s Tunnel Construction Company has also been named as an accused in the case.

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