Email addresses of users leaked due to data breach in OpenSea NFT Marketplace

Cases of data breaches of firms belonging to the crypto segment are on the rise. Data from OpenSea, the largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace by trading volume, has also been breached. An employee of the email delivery partner of this platform has leaked the data of the users.

OpenSea reported in a blog post that an employee of misused his access to leak the email addresses provided by its users. Cory Hardman, the firm’s security head, said, “If users have previously provided their email address to OpenSea, they should assume they have been affected. We are investigating this and we have reported it to law enforcement agencies.” ” The firm has also warned users of a phishing attack. Along with this, security related tips have been given to avoid such attacks.

Some of the firm’s customers have shared screenshots on Twitter, saying that OpenSea has contacted them via email to inform them of the data breach. In the past, similar cases have happened with many firms in the crypto segment. Last month, hackers attacked the Moonbirds NFT project and stole 29 digital collectibles. This project was launched recently and has become quite popular.

This project by PROOF Collective is a collection of Ethereum blockchain-based NFTs offering 10,000 unique profile pictures. Its holders get access to the PROOF community and get rewards. Block Crypto reported in a report that hackers had run a phishing scam to target these projects. In this, users were searched on Twitter. People associated with the crypto community are giving information about this scam on Twitter as well as advising to avoid it. The identity of the hackers is not known in this case. However, a user on Twitter claimed to have identified the hacker. With the increase in the business of NFTs, the cases of scams related to them have also increased.

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