Ethereum whales buy 1.6 lakh crore tokens after the fall in the price of Shiba Inu

Ethereum whales have made a big purchase in the Shiba Inu. According to the latest information, this number of Shiba Inu tokens purchased is 1.6 trillion i.e. about 1.6 lakh crores. In cryptocurrencies, along with an increase in the price of a token, a fall in the price of a token is also a very important event. While a rise in price gives a big advantage to investors, a drop in price leads to an increase in token purchases, as the big crypto whales are ready to buy a token bearish. As the token becomes cheaper in the market, whales accounts buy it.

According to data shared by @shibaplay_, a Twitter user for Shiba Inu, 1.6 trillion tokens have been bought by whales in the world’s second largest mime cryptocurrency in the past 24 hours. The reason for this was the huge drop in the price of the Shiba Inu. The price drop of more than 6% prompted whales to buy the token.

According to the shared data, 50,656,885,934 tokens of Shiba Inu have been bought by whales in one transaction. These tokens have been purchased on Coinbase. Actually, this whale has bought tokens in not one, but three more transactions. Of these, 80,960,690, 130,204,348 and 8,756,682 tokens have been purchased respectively. Apart from this, a transaction of 199,999,679,531 tokens has been revealed on Binance in which these tokens have been purchased. The two largest transactions in this series of purchases were 417,167,400,278 and 796,958,896,631 tokens. Their price is said to be more than $ 5.1 million and $ 9.7 million respectively.

Talking about the current price of Shiba Inu, today its trade opening has happened with a fall. Shiba Inu price on Indian exchange Coinswitch Kuber is trading at ₹ 0.000977 which is a decline of 3.75% in last 24 hours. This is the third day this week that the Shiba Inu has seen a steady decline in price. Taking advantage of this decline, whales have bought tokens.

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