Ethereum’s Eco-Friendly Merge Upgrade Ends Test

Ethereum’s Merge upgrade has reached the final testing phase, which means the upgrade will be close to rolling out very soon. The upgrade has been sent to the Goerli test network for final testing. The upgrade is said to reduce mining power usage by up to 99.95 percent. Developers working on the upgrade have jointly joined the code with a Proof of Stake (PoS) fork called Parter. Merge alignment has been activated with Goerli. Once it is finalized, the merge upgrade will be shifted from Ethereum’s current Proof of Work (PoW) mining model to an energy efficient model PoS.

Through Merge, Ethereum’s current execution layer is being combined with its new PoS layer called Beacon Chain. Goerli is one of the last three public test nets that Merge has gone through in recent months. Earlier blockchain upgrades showed good results in the Sepolia and Ropsten test nets. That means Goerli is now the last stop for the merge.

As reported by CoinDesk, the network was converted to PoS when Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) crossed 10,790,000 at 1:45 UTC. If all goes well, the merge upgrade will go live on September 19. Developers are doing extensive testing for the Ethereum upgrade as DeFi apps worth Rs 7,61,110 crore are supported on the blockchain and no risk can be taken with them.

Before the release of Merge, it has got support for Tether and Circle Pay. Tether named Merge one of the most important moments in blockchain history. So Tether has decided to start making arrangements to support the merge according to its release schedule. Circle Pay has also stated that once the merge is released, it will only use the merged version of Ethereum for USD Coin operations.

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