Growth of 78000%, Dogecoin’s condition is very good even in the midst of a fall in the crypto market!

There is a bearish phase in the cryptocurrency market. Most of the coins are appearing in red color in the price chart. From bitcoin to the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Dodgecoin, popularly known as meme coins, is also seeing a decline. Nevertheless, some figures are comforting. Turns out that Dogecoin is still trading well above its historical low of $0.00008690. It is up about 78,638.3 percent. Even in this downturn in the crypto market, Dodgecoin is down 89.17 percent from its all-time high.

This information has come out from data from CoinGecko. Currently, this mime coin is the 10th largest cryptocurrency with a market valuation of $ 9 billion and is currently trading at $ 0.06525, down about 4.5 percent. Dodgecoin hasn’t seen any major rally in the year 2022. However, DodgeCoin saw its price rise by 15 percent earlier this year when electric car maker Tesla announced that it would accept cryptocurrency as payment for merchandise.

DodgeCoin was created as a mimecoin by software engineers Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer in the year 2013. After this, its prices started increasing in the beginning of 2017. The same year saw an increase in retail investment in the crypto market, which also benefited Dodgecoin. In just 70 days its price had risen by more than 1,890% and from an opening price of $0.00021 to $0.042. This was followed by a downturn in the crypto market that pushed the price of Dodgecoin down by as much as 75%.

It registered an increase again in early 2018. However, after some time it fell again and saw a fall in prices by up to 70%. It started showing strength again in early 2021. In less than two days, its price had reached the high mark of $ 0.087. In May 2021, it recorded its all-time high, which was $ 0.74. This was the time when Tesla owner Elon Musk was sharing his support for DodgeCoin on Twitter. Many investors were drawn to Dodgecoin for this reason as well.

However, the current market for Dodgecoin is witnessing the same bearishness as the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Still it is not in that bad condition.

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