Now you will be able to do shopping with APE (Apcoin), BitPay started payment support

In view of the increasing use of cryptocurrencies, payment processors are supporting them. Till a few years back, only select cryptocurrencies were being used as a crypto payment option. Now this number is increasing. Major cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay has announced that it is now supporting AppCoin (APE) as well. According to the information, Italian fashion house Gucci has said that it will start accepting this cryptocurrency in partnership with BitPay. This will encourage the use of Apcoin (APE) and people will start buying it.

Statistics show that ApeCoin is the 34th largest cryptocurrency. According to the report, Bitpay users are now able to buy, store and swap this cryptocurrency in the Bitpay wallet. Along with this, Euro Coin (EUROC) has also been included in the list. According to data available on Bitpay, this payment processor processed 66,608 transactions in the month of June.

However, Bitcoin is still at the forefront of transactions. 53.3% of transactions are done in the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Next comes Litecoin, which accounts for 21.21% of transactions. At the same time, 9.71% of transactions are done in Ethereum, 6.17% in Dodgecoin and 5.02% in Bitcoin Cash. The Shiba Inu’s participation in overall transactions is less than 0.5%.

The trend of crypto payments is increasing in almost every industry. Just last month, luxury yacht services Yachtzoo replaced Shiba Inu and DodgeCoin as payment options. Yatzu also collaborated with cryptocurrency payment processor Bitpay. In addition, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, Dai, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and Stablecoins users can also use the Yacht service through cryptocurrencies.

Food delivery company DoorDash is also accepting crypto payments. Recently, its payment gateway glitch made headlines. Due to this, thousands of users got orders related to food and drink for free. By the time the glitch was rectified, the company had lost thousands of orders.

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