Will the price of bitcoin fall to $1100, this investor is waiting

The crypto market is passing through uncertainties. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is battling around the $20,000 mark. Investors around the world are hoping for a stronger bitcoin, but there are many who are waiting for it to break even further. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad, says he is looking forward to testing the $1,100 bitcoin.

On Tuesday he tweeted that I look forward to ‘testing’ $1100 for bitcoin. Although Kiyosaki said that he loves bitcoin. He said in his post that if it recovers, I will buy more. If it doesn’t, I will wait for the losers to quit and then buy. Overall, Kiyosaki has confidence in bitcoin and is ready to continue betting on this cryptocurrency.

After the massive selloff in crypto in the month of June, what could be its next lower price, this discussion was seen among investors in the past. Now Robert Kiyosaki has told the cryptocurrency his guess.

When the price of bitcoin began to fall in May, Kiyosaki called it “great news” and predicted the price to drop to $20,000. He considers this crash as the best time to get rich. Kiyosaki said that I am waiting for bitcoin to drop to $20,000. Then I will wait for another fall, which can be 17 thousand dollars.

Something similar happened when bitcoin touched its low of $17,000 on June 18. At present, this cryptocurrency is only slightly above 20 thousand dollars. Kiyosaki also gives investment advice to his fans. He is a big fan of Gold, Silver and Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki has also warned about the global disaster. In May, he said that desperate leaders will do desperate things. World war is coming? Save gold, silver, bitcoin, food, guns and bullets.

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