WINkLink (WIN) Price Prediction for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025

The world of cryptocurrencies is flourishing, most currencies have been reaching new junctures. And are parallelly paving the way to diverse sectors. While the current year has been coarse for the majority of the months. Marketers are hopeful of brighter days ahead, with developments in blockchain technology and growing user count.  

The currency network is a revolution in the blockchain domain. While the conventional blockchain can only store encrypted data, they do not have access to any external data. That is, they cannot suppose if the data is authentic or not! But WINkLink has access to external data and can connect to it offering better readability through decentralization by smart contracts. 

Wondering if WIN should be your next investment? What does it take to start trading WIN coins, but doubtful of its returns? Fret not, as this write-up will cover the plausible predictions for 2022 and the years to come! 


Cryptocurrency. WINkLink.
Token. WIN.
Price. $0.0001555
Market Cap. $149,511,296
Trading Volume. $218,620,502
Circulating Supply. 961.74B WIN
All-time high. $0.002965  May 4th, 2021. 
All-time low. $0.00004145 March 13, 2020.

WINKLink (WIN) Price Prediction For 2022

Potential Low Average Price Potential High
$0.0002973 $0.0003505 $0.0004038

  WINkLink price sliced through 50-200 days MA since the start of 2022, with a price tag of $0.0004554. The downtrend dragged the price to $0.00036 by the 10th of January. While WIN had attempted for a leg-up to $0.00041 by the 17th of January. However, the market-wide plunge dragged the price to $0.000298 by the 22nd of January. 

After ranging sideways until the 3rd of February, the altcoin portrayed a run to $0.000371 by the 7th of February. But the swelling tensities across the world led to a downswing to $0.0002597 by the 28th of February. The price of WIN swept back to the same levels, after brushing the $0.0003026 mark, on the 4th of March. Thereafter, an uptrend starting on the 19th of March pushed the price to $0.00037 to end the quarter’s trade. 

WINKLink (WIN) Price Prediction For Q2

  Establishing grounds at the current support levels of $0.00016. If WIN garners the interests of buyers, it could surge to $0.0002145. On the flip side, growing bearish trends could plunge the price to a minimum of $0.0001362. That said, a balance in buying and selling pressures could land the price at $0.0001873

WIN Forecast For Q3

  The price of WIN could propel to greater heights if the protocol employs notable developmental and community building initiatives. In such a case, the altcoin could propel to a maximum of $0.0002995. In contrast, failing to establish its stance could result in bland volumes. That could bring the price down to the bottom at $0.0002043. Constrained by the linear momentum, the average price could settle at $0.0002565.   

Prediction Of WINKLink For Q4

  The possible rise of Defis and connection with Tron could bring in collaborations and adoptions. The growing stance of the project could propel the price to a maximum of $0.0004038. However, a possible financial crisis or regulatory clampdown could drag the price to $0.0002973. Considering the bullish and bearish targets, the regular price could fall to $0.0003505

WINKLink Price Forecast For 2023

WINkLink has listed some possible improvements and benefits to upgrading in the future. If it successfully manages to make it a reality and make all games and workings on the network based on cryptocurrency. Then the price may escalate substantially by the end of 2023 and even hit $0.0007836

On the flip side, if the market crashes and volatility rates of the currency increase making the price fluctuates deeply. Due to this, many investors might seemingly withdraw from the network with FUD. In such a dimension, the price may significantly plunge and reach lows near $0.0003741

Price Trajectory For The Next Five Years

The WIN token is gaining popularity amidst its low-profit levels, working on decentralization. The network has planned for partnerships and collaborations in the coming years. If it successfully manages to do these and offers the users custody of their funds. It can pull off some more traders. Thereby the price may surge up to $0.00302 by the end of the next five years. 

However, if the coming years bring up any new regulations, then the price may become uncertain and a possible dip may occur. Also, external factors that talk about the problems of mining can reduce the number of investors causing the price to hit lows at $0.000737

Year Potential Low Potential High
2023 $0.0003741 $0.0007836
Next 5 Years $0.000737 $0.00302

What Does The Market Say?

Digital Coin Price:

  According to the prediction of Digital Coin Price. WIN might escalate to a maximum of $0.000225 by the end of 2022. Whilst a reversal in trends could knock the price to $0.000192. A balance in buying and selling pressures could land the price at $0.000211. The firm also hosts the prediction for the long term. Accordingly, WIN is expected to surge as high as $0.000342 by the end of 2025.

Gov. Capital: 

 As per the forecast of Gov. Capital. The price of WIN could hit its potential high of $0.000349 by the end of 2022. The analysts from the firm have set the minimum and average closing targets for the year at $0.000258 and $0.000303 respectively. The altcoin is anticipated to escalate as high as $0.001414 by the end of 2023. And a maximum of $0.0044 by the end of 2025. 

Wallet Investor: 

  Wallet Investor has pinned the maximum closing target for the current year at $0.00045. The firm expects WIN to hit its potential high of $0.000968 by the end of 2023. And a pricier tag of $0.00255 by the end of 2025. 

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What Is WINkLink (WIN)? 

WINkLink is primarily a blockchain network that offers to be a platform to create decentralized gaming applications. Thus, seemingly a next-generation network offers various benefits to the developers and keeps everything transparent! The network is known for its security and provision of reliable data.

WIN coin is the native cryptocurrency of this Network, has a dual token approach, and is available as both TRC20 and BEP2. Currently, the price movements have geared up and the currency has yanked some dApp users into potential currency holders by their amazing benefit list.

Fundamental Analysis

WIN is the native utility token of the WINkLink network. It came into existence by August 2017, following which the launchpad supply occurred on July 19th. The project team was headed by B Wong, from Hong Kong and included. N Yang, Aiden Luo, and eight others from different parts of the world. Previously called the TRONbet, they rebranded to WINkLink.

The platform was built originally on a Binance Launchpad sale which offered 5% of the token’s supply. Around 10% was off for the development team and 27% for the ecosystem development fund.

A significant amount of these tokens is to pay incentives to the user nodes for providing trustworthy data. Network payment is also possible where the app developers pay the nodes in WIN tokens for trusted data. The network believes that the community is a significant part. And can involve itself in the community governance improving the network based on the user’s expectations.

Our WIN Price Prediction

As per Coinpedia’s formulated WINkLink price prediction. If it successfully implements new exclusive events and social features in the coming months. It can encourage users to hold some tokens. In such a case, the price can hit a high of $0.0004 as this year comes to an end. However, due to the lower income capacity of the currency and if the network does not work on improving this aspect. The price may tumble and fall near $0.0003.  

Historical Price Prediction


WINkLink began to earn some figures from investors and the price started to glide gradually. In August, when it commenced trading the price was at $0.0004477. But it couldn’t retain its initial figures and started to fluctuate and drop gradually. By October, the price dipped substantially and by mid-November, it reached around $0.0001565. The following days faced setbacks for the new currency at that time as it had negligible profit margins. So, it dipped further and closed the year with $0.00009221. 


Even when 2020 began, there was not much improvement in the price movements of WIN tokens. Resuming trade in 2020, the WIN price was fluctuating at the $0.00009 range. However, shortly it obtained a bullish momentum with the benefits for node users and dApp developers in the network. So the price strikes again to the $0.0001 mark. 

But as time passed by, WIN failed to retain or gain new investors and again fell into a bearish trap of $0.00009. As March began, the price knocked over at $0.00009979 and dropped consistently from there. By mid-2020, the price plunged further and struck near $0.00007294.

The price was steadily moved at the same range, up and down. However, with newer breakthroughs, the price hit $0.001145 on August 9. Due to uncertainty, the price fell again and by the end of 2020, it reached back to $0.00005877.


WIN coin resumed this year’s trade with $0.0000616 and surged rapidly hitting $0.0001006 is not even a month. When the price was hiking further, it was hit by the market crash last month. And the price collapsed from $0.000825 to $0.000419. Following this, the price surged with some fluctuations but has not completely recovered from the dip.

As market sentiments turned extremely bullish during April-Month. The WIN price has directly skyrocketed to an ATH of $0.00002965 on 5th May 2021. However, bulls failed to sustain the high price range and even failed to gather support near ATH. The token has plummeted back to its initial levels. For the rest of the year, it has failed to undergo any massive cycle. However, with certain fluctuations, the WIN price ended up trading at $0.000454. 

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Q: Is an investment in WIN token profitable?

A: WIN could be a possible investment if considered for the long term. 

Q: Where can I buy WIN tokens?

A: WIN token is listed in several exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, OKEx, and WazirX, amongst others. 

Q: How high will WIN price rise in 2022?

A: WIN could surge to a maximum of $0.0004038 by the end of 2022.

Q: What will the maximum price of WIN be by the end of the next five years?

A: The price of the altcoin could soar as high as $0.00302 by the end of the next five years.

Q: How many WIN tokens are there in circulation?

A: A total of 961.74 B WIN tokens are there in circulation. 

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